A ceramic candlestick holder made with my own two hands! This was lovingly shaped from a lump of clay, left to dry, fired once, painted, glazed, and fired for a second time before it became this object.


Designed to be a minimal yet fun addition to a table setting, you can mix and match the colour of the candle to spice things up. 


Avocado, comes with a forest green candle.


All ceramics are handmade and as such have their own unique qualities and quirks.

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Ensure ceramic candle holder is on a flat and stable surface before using. Beka Hope takes no responsibility for any harm caused using this product.


Candlestick holder is approx 60mm tall, and fits a standard candlestick.

Handmade Ceramic Candlestick Set - Avocado