Super 8 is a wonder. It's film but it's on video and, in my humble opinion, it's the best way to capture the energy of a wedding day. Every shot is perfect in it's imperfection. The final product is always moving and will take you straight back to everything you felt that time you promised to love someone forever until death do you part.


Super 8 packages start at $2000 including film and developing costs. You'll get a

~3 minute video set to music as well as a shorter 30 - 40 second cut for those with shorter attention spans. You won't get a better wedding video (or deal!) than this. 

Debbie & Darrell's sunshine wedding

Leigh, New Zealand | February 2021

Ashlea & Leighton's European style wedding

Central Auckland, New Zealand | December 2020

Annie & Sam's autumnal, Italian style wedding

Tauranga, New Zealand | February 2020